Interview Questions

Describe how you approach multiple concurrent assignments. What are the top three desired attributes of your next position?

Delegate. Money. Money. Money.

Those are the honest answers, but really, they are looking for the ass-kissing answers.

For the first question, I’d make sure to touch upon some key leadership characteristics such as open communication, prioritization, and proactively setting incremental goals and timelines while informing the rest of your team. For your second question, that really depends – you need to answer this honestly, but the point of it is to assess how aligned your own goals/epxectations are with the company. The more aligned they are, the better.

Numi, you’re a smart guy, and I like you. But you’re starting to drivel bizspeak like a schoolkid with an overly runny nose. Be careful that it doesn’t turn into your core branding proposition for your pro-active value-added synergies.

I didn’t even realize that till you pointed it out.Now that I see it, it’s pretty funny. I wonder if I wrote like that even before I got to business school? My guess is…probably, for better or for worse. Anyway, hopefully the original poster got my point, MBA-ese notwithstanding

Dude_CFA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Delegate. > > Money. Money. Money. +1