Interview Rejection

Well, I just got the short phone call after doing the final panal interview last week. I must say, it feels like a locomotive running through my stomache. Thought I had the offer in the bag. To those of you who experience this same unfortunate event and get discouraged, take a look at this little knack I found online. What do Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, and Walt Disney have in common? Bill Gates’ first business, Traf-O-Data, was a complete flop. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. Walt Disney opened an animation studio that collapsed not long after it began. Each of these men was down, but none was out. Today Bill Gates is the chairman of Microsoft and considered the richest man in the world. The NBA, as well as most of the world, hails Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player of all time. And Walt Disney created one of the most influential and profitable entertainment empires ever. Had these men let failure get the best of them, they would never have achieved the overwhelming success that they did.

KJ, sorry to hear, I’ve been following along for the job you were writing about, but remember as you said, persistance is key. I’m a bad role model for it, as I have been prone to get very frustrated easily. But just remember big picture. What keeps me going is if I ever make it I can tell my grandkids I did so even starting out in a crappy job (BO) and even though I wasn’t rich or well connected (initially at least) Cheers brother

Thank you for the encouraging examples. I’m still waiting to hear back on the interview I had a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, the interview was on very short notice, and thanks to this crazy project I’ve been on, I didn’t have sufficient time to prepare for it. I agree that persistence is the key to finding the right job. Speaking of persistence, do some employers expect you to call them a couple times a week to check-in on the status before the next round? On one hand, it seems a bit pushy, but some employers may be looking for a candidate to show he’s serious about the position.

From personal experience, you are not expected to contact potential employer at all between the interviews… On those occasions where you are indeed wanted, employers do not forget about you and revert in due time. Otherwise, even if you contact them on your own, it usually doesn’t help :frowning:

I can’t imagine it would hurt to touch base once or twice a week inbetween interviews. That shows consideration and interest. Just don’t call everyday.

KJH Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I can’t imagine it would hurt to touch base once > or twice a week inbetween interviews. That shows > consideration and interest. Just don’t call > everyday. I’ve been calling once per week thus far. If I still don’t hear back by Friday, I may just shoot his admin a message to see if I could schedule a call with him. My whole purpose for calling was to ask a follow-up question, which he told me not to hesitate doing after our interview concluded.

If you had a few dates with a girl, would you call her every day between dates? No. If she liked you, she’d call you. Calling her too much shows desperation. Remember, if she’s that attractive, she is probably dating multiple guys.

KJH, what job were you interviewing for?

Investment Analyst.

The advice you’re being given is a bit BS. Let’s say you’re deciding between two candidates, and one of them sends you a nice “Thank You” letter and then follows up, clearly showing interest, while the other is silent, wouldn’t you lean towards the first guy, all else being equal? Besides, depending on the size of the firm, there may or may not be hiring workflow and process in place. The guy might even lose your resume or otherwise forget (“Didn’t we talk to a better guy last week? What was his name?”) so following up really never hurts. Though it’s always best if you can follow up without being annoying. THAT’s an art.