Interview tips Junior Market Risk Position

Hi all, I have been invited to a second round interview for a Junior Market Risk Analyst Position in one of the banks. I will be meeting the head of Risk so i am abit nervous due to my lack of technical experience Responsibilities involve: 1. Back fill daily production of risk reporting. 2. Support quite a few system integration projects ( trouble shooting, testing, etc) 3. Support re-engineering of risk reporting pro-integration 4. Reporting of risk exposures and performance both quantitatively and qualitatively. 5. Examining market, operational and regulatory risk while conducting research to assess the severity of such risks. Key Skills: - Knowledge of Financial Ratios I am looking to change career path and am keen to go into Risk. I would greatly appreciate any feedbacks from you in terms of what may be asked, what i should read/write, where can i find such information and maybe some tips on what i should say to make me sound like a Risk Guy. Thank you in advance.

what i should read/watch sorry, i didnt mean write

You’re changing career paths? What are you changing from? That makes a difference, I think.

Currently working in a hedge fund consultancy firm as an analyst my current role is identical as a fund of fund analyst

Sounds like there are a fair number of transferrable skills there, as long as part of your analyst role has been involved in evaluating the track records of hedge funds. Make sure you know a bit about Value at Risk models, ways of doing it, strengths and weaknesses. Then think a bit about how you would integrate the non-quantifiable risks into a risk management situation.

be aware that a lot of market risk jobs (espeically at the junior level) will be market risk REPORTING/p&l reporting. at the interview i would ask about the usual duties and make it clear that you’re interested in more the analysis than the reporting, its important to make the distinction, as if the company are just looking for a reporting analyst you don’t want to end up taking the job and landing yourself in a position where you have no motivation.

A big thank you to both of you The information is very helpful. I’ve been going through the CFA, CAIA and FRM programs and the last thing i wanted was a job that will kill my motivation. Thanks

Hi, Thank you for the previous advises and i was just called up and was invited for a second interview. I asked the HR for some tips and she said i should try and get some product knowledge on complex instruments such as derivatives, exotic instruments and structured products etc. Please advise on where i can read/get such information.