Sit down interview tomorrow with major RE development firm, owns billions in LIHTC projects.

My acquisitions experience is in market rate product, so I need some questions/knowledge/terms to toss around.


LIHTC at a big developer is meh but it can get you good exposure and experience to move to a REPE firm. Hopefully they do other types of deals as well and dont just specialize in those you can be a part of.

These deals are highly structure oriented and depend on the regs of the markets they are in. This in NYC?

Look into RE modeling, its all about underwriting assumptions, structuring of a deal and testing your assumptions many times.

Interview went well. Yes this is NYC firm. I have modeling experience, was not my main function and found out that it won’t be the focus of this role either, probably less than 25%. Will be more asset management of the portfolio.

Good luck analystdude.

If you get the job, drinks at the Modern, courtesy of igor. PM him to confirm.

lol ohai, are you actually going to come out this time…

lol ohai aint comin out

Asset management blows in RE. Why you wanna do lihtc? Could pigeonhole you later

I have no experience in LIHTC and wasn’t looking for it specifically. Could pigeonhole me but more likely I think that it would make my experience more attractive since few people know LIHTC, in fact the firm thus far hasn’t spoken to anyone with any experience in it. Plus, I like RE asset management, the work is not glamorous but it is challenging and the pay is good.