they say tone it down a bit. take a pause a bit. take a breath in between a bit.

well i toned it down. sounded super g a y. constantly kept thinking to myself why i sound so soft. and meanwhile could barely make sentences LOL.

ive had a dynamic street and office personality in the past. crunching numbers in the day time and slanging in the hood at nightfall. the advises i constantly get for interviews is based on how im judged on the nightfall character and hence the jokes “dont be too gangsta”. lately i think its created some fckd up dilemma in my head where i feel like i need to tone it down whereas i probably dont. i just dont feel like in my element when i “tone” it down and try to sound g a y. i come off as desperate and/or not too confident.

did that again today on a phone interview and wow. i was lost for words. constantly struggling to formulate an even complete sentence lol!

am i allowed to roar?

No, nobody gives a Shi’ite about how tough you think you are with some non-office persona. You have to tailor your pitch for the crowd; what works is always domain dependent. Pay your dues, accumulate power, then you can be whoever the hell you want to be in the long run. Go in like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but don’t reveal the wolf hairs poking through the costume until you are well-surrounded by the flock.

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i see what your saying. i recognize there is this culture you need to fit in to.

man i think i been labeled so much outside work that when i go in to interviews, i try to over compensate and come off as this ultra soft unconfident chump. its all this tone it down b.s that got to my head and i go extra queer LOL. so now the interviewers dont like what they see AND ive pretended to be someone im not. so they reject the ‘bozo’ and im like im not even that bozo. lol what was the point. they didnt even get to know ME.

its like im bangin chicks n poppen bottles with the frat brotherhood but when i sit on that spot this weird paranoia creeps up on me that causes me to over compensate and come off as sooooooft. in other words, i end up not selling my qualifications, skills and experience adequately enough out of fear of coming across aggressively or too confrontational.

this stupid dilemma literally cost me a nice interview today. sounded like a faaaag. so disappointed.

Eat sh and die.

Sage advice.

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Halston Sage is like, wow…