So I just had an interview, lol and it was the worst I’ve ever had!

I have no portfolio management experience however I’m a level 3 candidate. So this guy asks me: if you have 100$, tell me how you can construct a portfolio and why would you investment in certain stocks… Whatever I say, he says: only? done? …

omg lol it was terrible… i felt like there’s so specific answer but first time id feel i flunked up! ends by saying that I have an exam soon… weird.

if i had $100, I d rather get myself a really nice massage instead of construct a portfolio out of it. it doesn’t even cover transaction costs.

i would spread it across sectors, weighted more in consumer staples and utilities because of the shitty markets

get short, son.

Id straddle Facebook on its IPO (if only options started trading that same day and I could buy them before open. O well)

Or maybe put it all in High Yield Greek Bonds. Go big or go home right?