interviewee questions for interviewer

Hey, Can someone provide some insightful type questions for the interviewer. For example, an interview with HR, and interviewer for someone currently in the position you are applying for ( team member) and question for senior role member. For HR I was thinking along the lines of company specific questions, For team member, I was thinking more “day in the life” type questions. For senior, I was thinking more along the line of strategic direction for future etc. any thoughts>?

If she is a hottie from the HR you can ask her out too.

You can always ask “What is the best color?”

Read the latest AR and ask how this year’s initiatives are going. Read all recent press releases from their IR page. Many things will pop into your mind.

You can always give your interviewer some brain teasers. On a more serious note, I often like to ask an interviewer how he/she came to the position they were at. For one, most people like to talk about themselves, and it often brings up relevant issues about current thinking at the company. You can then use that info to follow up with strategic and directional stuff

I always like to ask what the interviewer would change about the company or where they see room for improvement.

-Initiatives/recent press releases/industry info --Why they work/How they like the company -Change about the company/room for imporovement, Thanks guys, those are awesome tips!