Interviewer "Your responses sound prepared"

What does this even mean, and how do you correct it?

I had an interview with a headhunter for a job I found to be a great fit. The next time we spoke, he told me my answers sounded prepared. I thought it was just a nice way of saying “no thanks, we are moving on”, which I’m fine with. Imo, my answers weren’t that generic. Obviously it’s a job I really wanted, and I didn’t interview until I felt I was ready. But how do you even improve on being “less prepared” for an interview?

add more… “umm/ like/ well/ basically” into your sentences… that way you sound more human??

Call the interviewer “brah”.

Did he ask: what’s your greatest weakness? and then you replied with: I work too hard.

I suppose you can respond “I like to be prepared.” But maybe that would be too spontaneous.

Reherse your answers in out loud in front of a mirror at home. Add in pauses to make it look like you have to think about your answers, and in a bit of humour (go light on this though, just enough to give you personality). You need to sound like you are answering questions, not reading off a prepared script.

need to acting lesson as a hobby.

Do you think he did this as an attempt to throw you off and see if/how you recover?

I’d of shot back, “So what, your questions seem prepared.”

Good point. A prepared answer requires a preparable question.

Doubt it. He seemed genuinely concerned. Even if that were the case, I think I recovered pretty well. I pretty much said I take this job opportunity very seriously, and I wouldn’t take it for granted by not preparing (something along those lines).

If his intentions were really to throw me off, then he definitely got the job done.