Interviewing Manger

About 1 yr ago, I interviewed for a position in Bank of America, I guess the timing wasn’t right, so it didn’t work out. I saw this paticular position opened up again just few days ago. I emailed the recruiter directly, the recruiter called me today (he remembered me from last time) to disucss the positon a little, and told me he will forward my information to the hiring manager, I asked the recruiter who is the hiring manger, he told me that guy’s name, and it is the same guy who interviewed me 1 yr ago. My question is should I just wait until recruiter contact me again for the follow up interview, or should I email the hiring manager who interviewed me last yr to make sure I get the interviewing spot. Thanks guys!!

Man this is strange. You are the second person I have seen today spell “manager” as “manger”. The strangest thing is that the other person was an “account manger” and had spelled it incorrectly in his email auto sig. On your question though, I would probably just ask the recruiter to mention it to the hiring manager. If you didn’t get the job just because of timing, chances are the recruiter may have already said it to the hiring manager. If you actually didn’t get it because you weren’t suitable, at least the manager will know, and you won’t have to go through a pointless interview. Best of luck with it.