Interviews at Wall Street Banks

I’m planning to apply for some jobs on Wall St. I’m a Lvl 3 candidate, and I have experience in the field of portfolio mgt and pension plans. However, I don’t reside in the US, neither do I have a US Visa.

My question is, assuming I am deemed worthy of at least an interview, will I have to go to the US to be interviewed in person or do they conduct interviews of foreign applicants via videoconference.

It’s a lengthy and expensive process to get a US visa, and sometimes they give you one that’s only valid for 3 months. I don’t want to do all that and then it turns out to be wasted becos I’m not even getting an interview.

I’d appreciate if anyone who has done this before can share their experiences. Any advice as well would be welcomed.


You will most likely have to go to the US for interviews.

You want to make their side of the hiring process as easy as possible. You’re already at a huge disadvantage - unless, of course, you graduated from an Ivy League school, summa cum laude.

Unless it’s Brown!

It might be easier to start at a regional office outside the US - every Wall Street bank has offices in major international locations.

What’s the typical length?