Interviews - length of time a factor?

Just had my second interview (first one was a telephone interview) for an investment rep position this past week that went extremely well (at least in my eyes), but there were a couple of things that stood out to which I would like some feedback about. 1. The interview was extremely short. It was no more than 15-20 minutes. I had a lot of positive verbal/non-verbal feedback from the interviewers (particularly the main interviewer) and it went very well on the whole. My assumption is that they were satisfied within that span of time that they no longer had anymore questions to ask me to confirm my candidacy for the position. I’ve had interviews in the past for other positions and they were generally 30min-1hour, so I was surprised as to how short this one was, but I nailed every question thrown my way in this one so that could be why. 2. I don’t believe either interviewer took any notes, which was also a first for me as far as interviews go. They both had question sheets that came with spaces for notes/answers to be jotted down and I’m fairly sure that both of them kept theirs completely blank. Again I take this as either a really good sign, or a really bad one. The one interviewer did most of the question asking and the other one seemed to just be observing my behaviour/body language and would chime in with a question or two of his own. It’s possible they jotted down some quick notes after the interview was done, as they both stayed in the room after I left. I should be hearing back on mon/tues. My gut tells me that it went extremely well and that I’ll get a favourable answer, but just wanted some more feedback about the shortness of the interview and lack of note taking. Thanks.

There is no general rule. wait until your feedback. just like writing the CFA exams, you can’t tell until the results if it was positive or negative until you’re told. stop over analyzing and enjoy your weekend.

Got the job. Go me! :slight_smile:


congrats braaaaa

Woo! 2 and in! Congrats!