Int'l Check Clearing - Best US Bank to clear them?

So I have visited two banks; one said it would take 10 business days, another said 4-8 weeks. This seems like a long time. Also there might be a fee from the country where the check was written.

Anyone know a good bank in the US with short clearing times? It could be an int’l bank stationed in the US, etc

10 days minimum? This sounds unbelievable. I’ve cashed a six figure check from abroad before, and it did not take nearly that time. Is this from sketchy country? Or is this some weird deal where you don’t have an account and just want cash?

The check I have currently is from Canada. Maybe TD could clear it quicker, but I haven’t asked them yet. My current business has money bouncing all around the world to legally avoid regulation.

I don’t just want cash - seeking a long term relationship with a bank with low processing times and low transaction fees.

Also, this is coming from different companies around the world - not coming from banks. I assume your transaction was bank to bank.

send me the check, ill send you back 95%

I routinely deposit checks from Canada (sports betting revenue). I always deposit them via a teller and have never had a problem (they clear within a few days).

lol thanks - I don’t need that much liquidity, but appreciate the offer. :wink:

what does ‘via teller’ mean?

I would assume it means with a human, generally standing behind a counter, as opposed to an ATM, taking a picture with smartphone, etc.

Yeah I deposited some more today and tried at the local bank first. They said they require a $20 processing fee per check.

F that

NFCU does it for free but yeah I went straight to the teller - I think its a lower procesing time because she has to fill out a ‘special collections notice’ on the spot