Intrinsic P/E Formula on Page 305 of Equity Book for Schweser - Not seen it anywhere - Please help !

2 Formulae, whose concepts I am unable to find in the Schweser Notes of Equity

  1. Intrinsic P/E = Tangible P/E + Franchise P/E

where Franchise P/E = Franchise Factor * Growth …

  1. Effect of Inflation on Leading P/E = 1/ real reqd rate of return +[( 1- Inflation flow through rate) * Inflation rate]

I do not know where these came from, they are there at the end of the book formulae but have not seen them in the actual readings in Schweser.

Can someone please help ?

Schweser forgot to exclude these from the formula book this year. They were in the curriculum last year and they aren’t anymore.

They are excluded in Schweser. That is what vk is saying. vk as the prior poster mentions, this is not in the 2012 curriculum. Where do you see them?

cmlsml they are still in the formula pages at the back of the books