Introduction to LII

Hi Guys, Can I know which is the toughest section in LII Is it same as LI and i.e. FSA or is it something else?

why are you worried about it now?

jalmy8 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > why are you worried about it now? only the paranoid survive. i an a new LII guy and all my books are on the way. i hope all you guys pass the june exam from 08. get ready, all the 09 guys are on the way from level I forum. i am bringing dozens of my friends to your pueblo.

My advice is to relax. If you start now, you will be in for a rough few months come March…Burnout/depression is a bitc*. I don’t want to hear any “only the strong survive”. Just to give you an idea…I hadn’t even started studying for Level I this time last year. Began around August 20th, passed level I in Dec. and then started studying for Level II in February. Passing Level II feels like a coin flip - don’t think that would change no matter how much I studied. We shall see in a few weeks… Just my two cents.

If you are in the habit of making your own notes, i think mid / end of Oct is a good idea. However, if your memory works fine and you don’t need to write everything to memorize like us low lives, u can start in early dec. Personally, i always doubt beginning in Jan or Feb is a good idea though many people not only claim it but also would be doing it as it actually puts that extra pressure on your scheduals ultimately resulting in taking time out from friends / family. In the end, it is all your choice and depends on your exam preparation strategy.

Funnily enough, I printed out the whole LOS and made small crammed notes next to each learning outcome. When I read over my notes I try to conceptually remember what the whole learning outcome statement was about. I’m still seeing if it worked… aug 19th

Thanks all for your suggestions. But what is toughest section in LII like it is FSA IN L1

There are really tough parts in every topic but as a whole, the toughest is FSA and also Alternative Investments is not a piece of cake.

As a bona fide L1 lurker, I can verify Daj224’s claim that friends are on the way!