Introduction to the CFA® Program

Hi guys, I made a small video giving details about the CFA® Program, named “Introduction to the CFA® Program”, it may be helpful to those who may be interested in the Program and need to know more about the Program. Please refer to the below given link

Thank you.

I really don’t see the need for this when all of the info is on the CFAI website…

If somebody can’t navigate the CFAI website, they probably shouldn’t be sitting for the CFA exams…

Isn’t this like, against AF policy? Promoting other blogs or w/e…

@Coastie: May be, however that’s not the only thing I am sharing, in around 10 days now, there are around 5 tutorials more (for Level 1 beginners) and as time goes by, I shall upload more of that.

@Tactics: I don’t think so because I am not promoting anything for sale or money, my videos are absolutely free to watch for someone who has recently registered or someone planning to register. And yes, I hope that you still remember that,

“Maintain and improve their professional competence and strive to maintain and improve the competence of other investment professionals.”


Thus this is my effort to help other candidates prepare for the exams.

There’s nothing wrong with making helpful videos. I’ve actually been learning a lot from YouTube lately, like the different kinds of Roman gladiators, how to cook various foods, and how to brush a cat’s teeth.