Investigation for misconduct during the exam


Finally, I finish after 3 years. I passed the level 3 exam in Paris and it’s was in a hangar with window widely opened.

I was closed to a window and my papers did not stop to fly away…the first time I had the bad reflex of pick it up myself and the 3 or 4 times after that I asked a proctor to pick it up for me.

I hope I won’t be charged for the first case, it flew in front of my desk and I wake up to get it back, it was just my exam admission ticket.

Nobody tell me nothing but now I’m scared since I put in my mind that I can be in trouble.

It was really awful condition, they make an announcement to apologized for it and several of the candidates around me ask for changing places.

I look at the Exam Misconduct and it does not look like I’m in violation but I can not get it out of my mind…Is there any chances that I get an investigation? Proctor look nice and comprehensive and did not say anything to me. Would I’ve been immediately notify if so?

What do you think? Thank you!

I need to relax now.

You would’ve gotten a note after the exam if they has written you up. I wrote the exam in Paris as well and it was really poor decision in my opinion to leave the side doors open. My answer sheet flew like a bird a few times and every time I had to ask a proctor to go pick it up.

Based on the information provided, the candidate is least likely to be flagged for violation.

Is that true? I always thought that they just let you take the exam and go on and let CFAI deal with expelling you.

you can get PCP anytime

You down with PCP?


You’re cool, brah