Investing in commodities / commodity ETF's

Hi all, Which of you invest regularly in commodities and commodity ETF’s? Would you guys be able to recommend any good blogs or websites to follow? I sometimes read as well as some of the websites listed on the “Top 50 Commodities Blogs” as follows: However, I only got interested in these fairly recently so I don’t yet have a defined opinion on what the best sources are. Basically, I’m looking for a source that provides succinct and actionable data…detailed analysis is interesting but I often don’t have time to pore through that stuff. Any feedback you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I have DJP. Though back when I got it cheaper ETFs may have evolved. This is the DJ AIG index which is what I was striving to index with.

I own FCX (copper, gold mining company), XOP (oil), and watch a couple ag stocks/ETFs like MOO. I follow Scott Grannis’s blog, and he often comments on commodities: