Investing in iPhone applications

Would you do it?

nope. its like investing in the internet in the 90s, except an internet that is only accessable using a specific device. “I would like to invest in a program for the Apollo Computer, please” 1 year later… “I’m sorry, the Apollo computer no longer exists, but your competitors program is as fertile as a 20 year old”

Yeah, thats like kicking systemic risk in the nutsack.

What about art futures?

Im long Palin options.

i would rather invest in a company that would be able to take the iphone idea to the next level and essentially make it into a portable computer that you could just dock into a work station.

So the thing is that iPhone OS is not a real open platform. Apple gets to decide what Apps to approve, and consequently, which ones have a chance of being successful. For now it works fine, since there are arguably no real iPhone substitutes on the market. This will change as smart phones with versatile platforms become ubiquitous. It is questionable whether applications that succeed in the App store’s current environment will be successful in a broader sort of market. This is what I was e-mailed today

TheAliMan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > > This is what I was e-mailed today Yeah… no thanks Jon Lam.