Investing in Russia now?

  1. how much is Russia fundamentally hurt by this “conflict” with Ukraine, for example the SWIFT code bans?

  2. does it warrant a 50% discount?

Lol what if you invested in Russia 30 years ago. How much would you have now? It’s not a good return I can promise you that. Crappy market

Very unique idea. I like it.

Apparently a lot of russian stocks have lost like 99% of their price. Could be very interesting to get in now. Or you may just lose anything you put in

I put in a bet on RSX near the bottom ($7.15). To put things in perspective

  1. The high was ~56
  2. the last time things were were this bad was 2009 and that was still at ~11
  3. People are comparing Putin to Hitler. Well, how did the German stock market do in the 10 years following Hitler’s Nazi regime and WW2?

EDIT: Things could get worse before they better - I have placed a GTC order to double up at $5/share

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You better hope the US gov. doesn’t force to forfeit any investments in Russian equities. Gotta love those GTC orders tho.

Looks like you got filled @ $5 today. Triple up at $3?

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I checked and it did NOT get filled, to my surprise.

VanEck Russia ETF (RSX) Creation Orders to Be Suspended (

I’ll check back in a week and get in at 5 if I can.

Yeah, I’ll probably triple up at 3. This could be a disaster

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Bill Ackman: “World war 3 has already started, just no one realizes it yet.” Hopefully the “war” ex-ukraine will stay primarily in the economic realm.

SPY 4,900 by year end or #worstblackswanever

Looks like trading’s been suspended in RSX. At least that means you won’t be marked down on your position for a while.