Investment audiobooks

So on the drive to and from home I like to listen to financial/economic podcasts, but I find a lot of them are updated infrequently or are just not interesting enough.

I thought I might try out some good investment audiobooks instead - does anybody know of any and where to get them (free would be good too). I had a look at Librivox but there was nothing investment-related.

Audible has a good seletion but it’s not free. Many libraries now allow downloadable books. Some have a good selection and some don’t it just depends on how cheap your library is

Market opportunity?

if you’re willing to pay, you can get it…i don’t have a problem finding these audio books…

I heard that!

Had a look at Audiobooks, there is some good stuff there.

Going back to podcasts, does anybody follow any good ones? I have the usual - NPR Money, Motley Fool, Bloomberg on the Economy, but they’re farily irregular so I’m looking for new ones…

I used to have a subscription to Bloomberg on the Economy, but then they changed their delivery format and I couldn’t be bothered to figure out how to reconfigure it.

Not sure about podcasts, but I did like listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s stuff on Audiobook.

Not an investment book per se, but isn’t “the millionaire next door” considered by many to be valuable as far as insights into many wealthy people?

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