Investment Banking Institute

If you receive a resume from someone who has completed this program, what is the general consensus of how u would look at it? A collegue forwarded me a rez for my thoughts, and I wanted to know how this program is generally regarded/look at etc. any thoughts?

i look at someone who tried hard to beef up their resume, but who probably didn’t realize that the investment banking institute thing just isn’t that helpful (can’t blame him/her for not knowing better, since i have to assume they don’t work in finance). all told, it’s a neutral, but if they can demonstrate some financial acumen in an interview (and i guess you can probably learn some basic modeling stuff from the program), then it’s a good thing. but the “certification” itself is pretty meaningless to finance recruiters i would think

thanks, i figured the certification is meaningless, but i was wondering if the skillset it teaches is relevant. It looked like an engineer trying to beef up their resume, but i was just curious. I don’t work in IBD, but just wanted to hear some input. thx dude

i would say it helps, not just because of the certification, but because the person becomes more of an “ibanker” as a result. not saying that this is in any comparison to an MBA or anything though.

Nowadays, its impossible to get a job in banking without a degree from the investment banking institute. I have heard stories again and again about Harvard, Wharton, Chicago MBAs competing against these guys to no avail.

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I’m going to call b*llsh*t on statusseeker. elow is a link to the syllabus of, in his opinion, prestegious IBinstitute. Looking through that, there’s no way they would outcompete harvard, chicago, Wharton…its simple stuff taught over only 24 hours…24 hours! IT covers all the basics and looks to provide a nice overview of how the world works…but…Vs some courses in the MBA programs that a single course (say corporate finance) that contains more classroom time. Statusseekend. you stay it is 'impossible to get in baking without a degree from teh IBI?"…i highly doubt that. stop fooling impressionable minds on the AF with this. someone might believe you if they didn’t know better. I would say the IBI would be a nice resume padder by the looks of it, but it certianly won’t replace experience or a quality education from a reputable school.

Thanks for clarifying comm. I was kidding guys.

Ah yes, you jokester. Because sarcasm comes out so well in typed form.

I miss sarcasm as much as the next guy…but not getting that one is a stretch, even for me.

the course looks awesome. I would attend for sure if they had it in Toronto

Anyone has the models they give out with the course? I’d pay $20 to get those.

This is kind of BS. A lot of finance schools offer a similar course (which maybe 35 hours of instruction).

if you dont bother speding around $3,000. you should go for it. i wouldnt say you wont learn anything from this program, but on the other hand is not that big of achievement. if i see this prgram in a resume, i would think that this person has a basic understanding of modeling and has built basic models from scratch

strikershank Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Ah yes, you jokester. Because sarcasm comes out so > well in typed form. I know it does.

Will this course really add value to the Resume (I am from IT background and currently persuing CFA-L1 (Dec 07) if yes, then I’ll consider it in 2008. I would like to have a career somewhere in Derivatives… any suggestion, comments? - Dinesh S

The guy that passed CFA level 1 in two weeks told me there was going to be a level 4 this year.

dinesh, i agree with you. i think it adds value, its betther than nothing u kno… however, NYU offers a wide variety of finance classes through its continuing education program. i will be taking financial modeling in the spring, i saw a few derivatives classes offered as well. if your closed to NY, you should try that. it cost around $700 per class (10 3-hour sessions)

Thanks cart10, I am working in NYC itself, and I already considered doing the MS in Financial Mathematics from NYU (, but they need all kinds of aptitude exams for the application i.e. GRE or GAMT and TOEFL; which, at time point in time, I see as an overhead. And I also looked at some scps nyu courses; will doing a Derivatives or may an M&A course from there, give me some value addition, both knowledge wise and resume wise? or is this IBI course better off… since it involves the LBO modelling… - Dinesh S