Investment Banks + Mining

Which investment banks are particularly heavy in the mining industry?

Canadian & Australian ones

BMO Capital Markets

out of the bulge brackets? like merril or goldman?

Agree with canada… cannacord even raymond james in the U.S. I’ve seen some ok write ups on merrill.

take a look at mcquarie as well

yeah, canada, australia, south africa and alot in london too… canada = mcquarie (orion/yorkton), cormark (sprott), canaccord, gmp, bmo… then another tier like jennings and westwind. canaccord has been big in london. but i sense that AIM market may have really slowed down. don’t know the other countries, other than maybe j.b. were (were is the name) in australia, but that may be out of date. basically in canada, it’s down to resource co’s and regulated/financials. whole industrial/consumer side has been hollowed out.