Investment Clubs

Anyone one here a member of an Investment Club? How did you go about finding and joining it? I would like to look into joining one but am not sure how to go about finding a local one.

I have done some research on this subject, not sure how much you know, but a few sites are out there that provide some good info. ( I would ask some friends or co-workers if they know of any local clubs. Sometimes they are pretty closely held between a group of or co-workers that want to pool some funds. It may be easier to start your own. Hope this helps. Good luck.

all mba programs have one. if you go to school, keep it in mind. you can always talk about it in an interview

Thanks guys. I am looking for additional ways to build knowledge and improve my resume outside of work while waiting for the crappy job market to sort itself out. Anyone have any other ideas for things to get involved with?

The best investment club I have read about is Value Investors Club ( Just curious if anyone here has ever encountered anyone that is actually a part of this club and how difficult it was for them to gain/maintain memebership?

virginCFAhooker had good things to say about valueinvestorsclub. Haven’t heard from virgin in a while… did he get bumped? Gone on a vacation? Owed money to the mafia?