Investment Jobs in Charleston, SC

Do any of you know of investment job opportunities in Charleston, SC? The normal job search channels haven’t yielded much. Currently working in sell-side equity research in the mid-Atlantic, recently awarded the CFA charter. Thanks for any info you can provide!

Former Wachovian here, I know Wachovia hires Charterholders for their Wealth Management Division. I believe the office in Charleston is on Meeting St., off Market. If there is not a posting, just give their office a call. From what I understand, it would be portfolio construction for HNW.

You could try Minis and Co. in Savannah. Not Charleston, but close. It’s a TINY shop, but I popped in to use their Bloomberg terminal one time when I was home (long story) and they seemed pretty sharp…

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. Its a tough call b/c the move is related to my girlfriend’s placement in residency, which is a strange process b/c the applicant doesn’t have total control of which location they end up with. Charleston seems like a great city to live in, but don’t want to get stuck with no job opportunities once I’m down there!