Investment Jobs in Dubai

From what I hear, getting an investment job in Dubai is quite lucrative. Can anybody provide any color on this. Do they recruit people from America, those with the Charter, etc? Also, where can I find these jobs? Thanks

On they have a jobline under careers for all candidates. It costs $47 for a 3 month subscription, but they have decent jobs from over 20 countries. In your case I see 17 listings for the UAE ( 15 of them in Dubai) *** NOTE, i have been on this site for over a month and I noticed that most of these jobs are suited for people with at least 3-5 years experience, not really good for recent grads/entry level. If you are a professional, there are really good jobs posted.

Thank you

Dubai sounds like a fascinating place to work. With all the money being poured into the economy and the boom in construction, I would expect it to be a major financial center competing with other major cities around the world. Also, due to the favorable tax environment, I would gather that many corporations would either relocate or establish themselves in a place like Dubai.