Investment recommendation

An analyst works on a team that comes to an investment recommendation with which the analyst differs. Because he worked with the team and felt the team was indepenent and objective, the analyst allows his name to be included on the report. Did the analyst violate the standards? a) No, because he can issue a dissenting report contradicting the team’s report. b) No, because if the analyst is confident in the process, despite having a different opinion, he does not have to disassociate himself from the report. c) Yes, because the report could not have been independent and objective if the analyst did not agree with the conclusion. d) Yes, because the team’s conclusion is not the same as his so he must insist that the report is not issued or disassociate himself from the report. Explain your choice.

B - It is mentioned in the standards, that if due diligence is performed he doesnt need to dissociate

B. As long as the analyst felt the process was sound, it is not unethetical for her to indentify herself as a member of the group. Collaboration would be impracticable if every member of a group had to agree fully with the group’s decision in order to be publicly associated with it.

Well done friends.

But he should document his differences, right?

Yes he should document the difference

thats correct acwu