Investopedia CFA guide....worth it?

I am signing up for the level 1 in June(as soon as my darn passport gets in the mail) and am starting to study now. Has any one used the Investopedia guide as a study tool? It seems to be pretty good from what i’ve read so far and seeing as how I cannot register yet, it seems to be the only free all inclusive guide online. I am currently reading through the Ethics section, and figured I would just go through in order. If anyone has used the material, is it worth it? Does it compare AT ALL to the other sources? Thanks in advance for any responses.

I have seen a few topics from Investopedia… Nothing compared to CFAI material… I see it to get a one page review of a 30 page chapter… But seeing that you don’t have the material yet, anything is better than nothing…

Yes i figured it would cut some corners, but to give an example, I printed out the Ethics Section, and it was about 75 pages long with pretty small font. I realize that is probably not nearly as long as in the actual CFAI book, but they do go in to detailed description and analysis of every single Standard and substandard (for example 3 pages on Standard III D - Performance Presentation). Thanks for the response, and any others as well.

It’s actually pretty horrible all things considered, as are their practice questions. I like Investopedia a lot too, but it reads like it had to have been written ten years ago.

Fair enough. I have not gotten to any practice questions, or any thing beyond the Ethics section, which i know to have been redone since the new Standards of Practice Handbook came out. Hopefully before I get too far, my passport and thus my CFAI material will come in. Thanks again.

I’m quite sure the stuff is outdated, unless they updated it since I check it out (August-Sep)

dude, i bet if you searched the internet you would find a better source…i.e. downloadable content. Plus you can purchase from a prep provider without having registered for the CFA exam…CFAI text books are lenghty…Not sure what your study plan is going to be but its difficult finishing all those books within such a short time span (currently,120 days left to exam. Probably fewer by the time you get the actual books) and actually remembering everything you read. IMO, go with a prep provider…I’d say most people go that route…you can find reviews on various providers on the forums and take your pick.