Hi all

Does anyone ever check information on Investopedia and or knows how reliable the site is? It has helped me on a couple of occasions when I wasn’t sure how to calculate a formula but is it trustworthy enough?


I did that a lot, not only from investopedia but from other sources as well…like wikipedia, and it helped…

Just keep in mind you can´t really know how reliable is the info; but as long as you use it to get a second persepective or definition on concepts you already read in the curriculum you should be fine.

I only used it for concepts I didn’t understand.

Looking on Google for online University/College PowerPoint or PDF slides to explain concepts also helped.

Investopedia is the shit, I use that it for everything

They also have custom practices quizzes like qbank and an online mock exam.

Thanks everyone! I have found some tools which guide me studying also so I am a fan :slight_smile:

Be very careful with using investopedia. The information there is not wrong, it might just not be in the same format that the exam requires. E.g. there are several ways to calculate Days Receivable Outstanding, and the definition on investopedia doesn’t match the one on the CFA exam (at least not when I checked last year).