Investor Relation (Hedge Fund) vs Client relationship (IB)

Hi everyone, Any thought on such a position? I will sit the last round of the recruitment process tomorrow and I guess it s high time I submitted the question to you guys! The position is at a reputable hedge fund, relative value strat. I am wondering what one can do after a couple of years in Investor Relations. Another offer I have is at an Investment Bank to be a client relationship manager for leverage products sold to FoHF. As they have to monitor the HF shares the bank holds as collateral, they tend to know quite well what s going on in the industry. According to you which of those two positions has the most potential? I know this kind of post can be annoying so I apologize to those who would feel irritated… The good thing is it may be the last time I post such a question… hopefully! :slight_smile: Thanks B22

The IR position will afford you a wonderful career in…IR. Pass. The other position sounds much better. Is it a bulge bracket bank?

Hi HoldSide, the second position is at a bank that I assume to be “2nd tier”, they re good -overall- and among the best for equity derivatives specifically. So according to you IR positions only lead to other IR positions and that s about it. What about a position where your market is FoHF only, to which you sell structured “credit facilities” so to speak? I cant really see what one could do after a couple of years in that position… apart from Sales, which I am not particularly interested in for now… Thanks for your reply, although if you could comment a bit more that would enlight me :wink: