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Does anyone know any good workshops or courses to take in developing new mobile applications? Or reliable companies that can develop an app for you… I am interested to learn.

I just read this article however and it seems like the average person downloads zero apps per month. Interested to hear thoughts about the mobile market if it is saturated and if it is something worth pursuing?

Thank you!


I don’t know anything about app development, but I do have 2 great app ideas kicking around in my head. I’m never going to act on them, so if someone wants to make a couple billion and then send me a thank you note, these are now yours for the taking.

  1. Doppelbanger- This app is quite simple. You have co-workers, you have classmates, you meet random people on the bus. Almost without question, you at some point, usually within the first fraction of a second, decide if you want to have sex with these people. Doppelbanger would allow you to upload a photo of your target and through the magic of image comparisons, return the name and image of the porn star that most closely resembles the object of your desires. You’ll never need to hide outside a co-workers window again.

  2. PÜPER- If the “yo” app can be a thing, and we’re truly embracing the sharing economy, why not an app that tells you not just the location of the nearest public restrooms, but also a list of people willing to open up their homes to your evacuation ritual, for a small fee.

Objective C will be the baseline requirement and any course you decide to do should really be helping you with that.

There seem to be a number of jobs available in this field for suitably skilled people.

check out treehouse

they claim to teach a waitress to be an 80k a year coder in under a year

I am in no doubt that well executed (with links to content providers of said matches, ad revenue, etc…) this is gold.

TTM, those are actually some pretty good ideas…

2 definitely already exists.

Wow a real live girl is in here!!!

Perhaps it should identify the local “escort” that most closely resembles the object of your desires.

Your ideas intrigue me and I would like to sign up for your newsletter…

Thanks everyone!

Twice the man, I had a similar idea to 1.) but related to finding clothing maybe snapping a pic and brings you to some retailers that offer the same or similar products

Treehouse seems like a good one so I will definitely sign up for that