iPad Air vs. iPad mini

I’m still rocking the iPad 1. Unfortuneatly, it can’t operate anything past iOS 5.1.1, and some of the programs are starting to run slowly, or suddenly close out. (That’s if they’ll run at all.)

Looking to upgrade to either an iPad Air or an iPad Mini. Any thoughts? Anybody notice any real difference between the two? If you’ve changed from a full-size to a Mini, do you regret losing the real estate? (I read BChad’s comment in the GD forum, but was looking to get some ideas from others, too.)

Frm what I can tell, there’s virtually no difference between the two. Either pony up $100 more and get the extra screen space, or save $100 and have a smaller screen.


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Don’t get an iPad, all tablets are commoditzed anyways and Apple isn’t cool anymore.

If you are just using this sitting around at home, probably go for the bigger one. It just makes things more ergonomic and you will not miss that $100 over time. Also, it is easier to play the fish game if you have cats.

I opted for the Mini over the Air and have to say I’ve never regretted the decision. Every once in a while, I think that a larger screen would be nice for watching videos, but then I remember how much more portable it is and I enjoy that feature more.



seconded. It even fits in my coat pocket.

Do you carry an iPad mini and a phone around with you? If you already have a smartphone, then I don’t really see the attraction of the mini. Phone for surfing on the go, iPad for browsing at home. The iPad air is still extremely portable. No issue bringing it on flights, to conferences etc.

^ That’s what you’d think but it doesn’t work like that. I actually have a Mini and a Galaxy Note 3, both are the same size give or take a couple inches. The Mini is way better for browsing on the go, watching videos etc. I only use the phone for playing games, texting, quickly checking news alerts or in instances when it’s too crowded / inappropriate to whip out the Mini.

For me it’s that the extra space on the iPad Air really doesn’t add any value over the Mini. I am actually surprised, because I thought it would, but I really don’t miss the extra space at all for reading and stuff, don’t watch videos often enough to care all that much, and I appreciate the fact that I can hold it in one hand without feeling worried that it might slip out and fall on the floor.

The phone screen is too small for a lot of stuff, though it’s good enough to get you through in a pinch if you really need it.

Eh, I think people tend to adapt to whatever they use. So all these comments just reflect satisfaction with whatever product that the people bought.

Eh, I think sometimes people buy products and discover they don’t like them. If they always habituate, then no one would care what they bought.

Eh, who cares what Greenman wants, what he needs is iPad Air. he is rocking iPad 1 so clearly, portability is not a big concern. He is OK with paying $100 extra (I assume) so neither is cost. So the question is, larger screen area or not? He needs it.

BTW am I being paranoid in thinking that it’s curious how the older Apple products stop working when newer ones are introduced? All the Apple upgrades are designed to kill off the elderly and infirm that are no longer cool. Glad Steve Jobs wasn’t in charge of health care!

Agreed. It gets overwhelming with all the choices out there. I’ve learned not to over analyze every detail. You end up adapting to what you have.

So it’s settled.

I went to a timeshare presentation over the weekend, and one of the promotional gifts they were giving out was an iPad mini.

After using it for a whole two hours, so far it looks good. Noticeably smaller, but I’m able to read books/magazines/AF just fine on it. Final Fantasy Tactics also runs well on it.

More importantly, it’s easier to hold in just one hand. The full-size iPad is a bit more cumbersome in that regard. But that also may change when I get a case for it.

You should get iPad Mini Retina, not the regular one.

Good choice / stroke of luck Greenie, the Mini is way more versatile.