iPhone Financial Apps

I’m looking for the better iPhone apps. Also, I’m interested in hearing about any apps that the iPhone users out there find useful. I just picked up the 3G S. Fantastic phone so far!

bloomberg - awesomenosity itself.

HP12C…I think it costs 20 bucks or so. Very handy.

I hust got the 3gs as well… my top apps… google app… voice search very useful amazon.com app - can take a pic of any item and it will find it online and add it to your basket iWant - best location based search tool Stanza - free e-books (like kindle) WSJ/NYT - news Pandora Flixster - best movie app Veritas Prep - Gmat app Shazzam - recognizes any song… really cool FX 360 - great FX markets commentary and charts RSS Runner - for my rss feeds ESPN.com iFitness - track your workouts Economist.com - direct link to the webpage Simplfy media - stream your entire music library from your desktop (AWESOME) Mint.com pdf reader - read goldman research reports on the iphone Bump - from the commercial - chicks love it - tap phones to get there number

I get a lot of mileage out of DailyFinance (free) I sorta like PortfolioLive ($7, I think) for tracking portfolios, but the interface is a little cumbersome if you trade a lot. For expenses/budgeting, I’m divided between iXpenseIt ($5) and PocketMoney ($5, but may go back to $10). PocketMoney keeps track of income and accounts as well as expenses, and I used to use it on the Newton, so I want to use it. However, iXpenseIt has a much better user interface - very easy to enter data and categorize it quickly. PocketMoney does more but the “flow” just doesn’t seem to be there.

isteamy ipink visual bloomberg urbanspoon fxguy’s list is pretty much complete.

Although unrelated, get the TED app. Also, there is a financial calculator on there that mimics the TA BA 2 Plus. I think Ananda created it after getting ripped off at this place in Delhi.