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title says it all


Yawn, we’ve heard it all before. I don’t trust Google to do anything right. Aren’t these the idiots who brought us Google+ and Google glass, and are working on a Google robotic dog or whatever? Won’t be letting go of my iPhone, it works with all my mac stuff.

When will phone makers understand specs are not important to users after a certain point. And Pixel only has 2,770mAH, that’s pretty much the worst capacity out of all the phones.

That robotic dog may well be taking down yo azz when you running away from their plans for world domination…

I think one of the most important aspects to marketing a product is to appeal to the masses. And purely from a personal point-of-view, I don’t think this moves the needle enough to incentivize me away from Apple products. 7-hour battery life with 15 minutes of charging sounds great, but I don’t imagine a large shift in consumers because of a few upgrades. Apple has developed one of the most devoted consumer bases in history, so there’s a visceral aspect to these products, as well. Just my opinion.

It seems hard to launch a project whose main differentiation factor is AI software, and then try to cultivate an open software program for “complementary partners” at the same time. If this is meant to be something more than “just another Android phone”, I’m not sure that I believe this argument. I don’t know how important this AI thing is in the first place, since apps are generally so easy to use now. No one buys an iPhone for Siri.

At this point, launching a phone is like starting a restaurant in NYC. The market is so saturated that you had better be perfect, differentiated, and competitive on day 1. You only have one chance to make it work before the market punishes you and shuts down your brand. Apple Maps never even had a chance to improve; launch issues destroyed it immediately. It will be great if this project succeeds, but so far, it seems to me like another one of those “why not” projects from Google.

Yup, which AAPL did in 2007, flawless right from the start.

Almost a decade now, not one company has done the same. These Google+ fools will release more beta test garbage, with a pointless “feature list”, infuriate customers, game over.

Yea it would start getting interesting if Google released a premium smart phone at mid/low tier prices to undercut Apple. If anyone could swing it, it would be Google because they dont need to turn a profit off of the devices.

That said I wouldnt be buying Apple stock due to lack of growth opportunities in the high end industry and you would be a fool to consider Google for a silly device release.

If Google releases any phone, regardless of features, at a low price point, it will be regarded as a low tier phone. It’s one of those things where price is a signal for quality, like Mercedes, Rolex, etc. One strategy could be to release a phone with high price and better hardware than iPhone (i.e. Samsung’s strategy), but they would still need to break the brand loyalty of existing customers.

So, their best opportunity is to release a high end phone, BUT with a novel twist that differentiates it from anything else on the market. They claim to have done this through AI software, but I don’t know if consumers will care. Google is run by a bunch of nerds and they have no idea what hip people want. This was a company that thought people would pay $500 to wear virtual glasses.

Furthermore, this Google phone division is more or less what the Motorola division used to be. So, it’s obvious that these guys were under pressure to produce a roadmap for *something* over the next few years following their acquisition. This might have been one of those things where they had to bring some kind of thing to market, not a product that arose organically.

iPhone was not flawless… it was slow, bulky relative to other phones, and dropped calls regularly. There was a guide on how to hold an iPhone with your fingertips to avoid interfering with its signal.

But that was a different market. iPhone launched a new genre of phone - it did not try to carve market share from a mass of similar competitors. Those early flaws were forgivable, since iPhone had no established competition and its novelty outweighed any technical weakness.

Google’s situation is different. The market is much more developed now, so their margin of error is much smaller. Consumers could forgive Google for flaws if the Pixel had a killer differentiation factor, like the iPhone had. It is unclear if this is the case though.

It was as flawless as any v1 human product has ever been, and maybe ever will be. Even a decade later nobody can catch up, it’s still the same old v1 iPhone basically. GOOG, SMSG, MSFT, lazy clueless fools.

why do people like to think that apple rules the smartphone market. it is ruled by samsung! samsung caught up and surpassed apple!

it is funny that PA is U.S.-centric, despite his anti-U.S. rhetoric, and doesn’t realize that most of the world outside of the U.S. strongly favours samsung over apple.

Because I lived in Seoul and worked with Samsung, they are not capable of ruling this market due to cultural issues (group think, lack of creativity). They can however manufacture complex components brilliantly, which they do.

The world buys Samsung stuff because it’s cheap. When they get money, they want Apple. Apple “rules” the market, everyone else does cheap dysfunctional knock offs.

I got a Samsung Gear s2 watch and I’m liking it.

It doesn’t connect well with my iPhone (they say that a fix will come out by the end of the year), but it works pretty well as a stand-alone.

I think your experience with Samsung might be outdated, that was definitely a case a few years ago but it is getting better at the Company and they are getting closer to Silicon Valley than ever and much more shareholder friendly.

^you would

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Samsung can rule the smartphone world when they can successfully take away profits from Apple. Until then nothing comes close to the iPhone.

If you cannot make money competing with a 40% margin product then you are not really ruling anything…

^ What that guy said. yes

I would what?

Have had a Galaxy S4 for 3 years now and it works fine and I dont have issues (aside from general battery issues and slowness that any 3 year old phone has) my gf has the S7 edge and that phone is absolutely amazing. Still the fact that I save 20-30 bucks every month I continue to use my old phone makes it hard for me to justify an update when mine works well enough.

Ohai - solid point and I never really thought about it in that way. Its a shame the market perception of quality would stop Google from releasing a top tier phone for say $300 bucks. They could certainly afford to take a loss on the devices to switch users to android and provide them with more data to sell ads etc. The android/apple wars are so interesting because the two companies operate in fundamentally different businesses but lock heads in a few small areas. 2 tech giants that revolutionized their industries going at it sounds exciting but really isnt. Anywho I will still be sitting aside and waiting for some tech product that makes me excited, havent had one in a while!