IPS: 2006 Real Test Morning Session.

In question 1B, we need to give two factors each that increase/decrease the soccer player’s ability to take risk. I just cannot believe some of the answers given. For increasing ability: 1. He could pursue a second career. 2. He could reduce his living expense. For decreasing ability: 3. His only source of income is his portfolio. 4. Might increase his spending needs. 5. At the peak of his earnings power and cannot make more. To be frank, No. 1, 2, 4 come from nowhere. There are endless possibilities that can increase/decrease risk taking ability. Isn’t it close to wild guess? If we give some other answers that are similar but not in the list, is it okay? 3 and 5 are like basic assumptions of the problem. Are we suppose to challenge them? For example, if 3 is okay, can I say that he can retire later to increase risk-taking ability? I am really puzzled where the line is drawn here. Which envelop we can push and which we cannot. Any suggestions?