IPS: I know that one IPS question is guaranteed in the AM–do we know if this must be individual or can it be institutional instead? Can there be one institutional question and one individual question in the AM? GIPS: Is it possible it will show up in the AM, or will it only show up in PM? Is it possible it will not show up at all?

My guess would be 1 individual and 1 institutional. At least. My hope is to not see GIPS on the exam and never utter or see the acronym again.

guaranteed indiv IPS and at least one, perhaps two, on institutional with either pension, endow, foundation or insurance. GIPS hasnt been in the AM since 2005, or around there, so I am told…but who knows, it could end up on the AM this year

right, but do we know if it is a required topic at all (like ethics is) or has it been completely left off in some years (even on the PM)…just curious

ppl i dont want to open a new thread for this. but im going crazy looking for an example where it said (IPS), we will need 3mio (cash outlay) in 3 months and then we dicscounted those 3 millions to now with the riskfree rate. did you guys remeber an example similar to that?