IPS - probelms in cal the req'd rate of return and the return objective

  1. what should be write on the return objective?

  2. i am very fraustrated, i always make mistakes in cal the req’d rate of return, e.g. missed to times (1+inflation) for the next yr, or the example, the fund will intends to fund $1m in the next yr, but I have counted…

anyone can give some advices on overcome suck mistakes? I am not sure what should be counted, and what should not be counted, a bit confused…

Just relax, take a deep breathe, and… realize that you’re screwed.

any suggestions>

lol @ tozerrt’s response.

My suggest would be to RTFQ and then RTFQ again. Always assume you’re missing the CFAI style curveball, and RTFQ again.

do the questions multiple times over till you see the patterns that come through. there is no magic ball / magic potion here. no one can help you but yourself.

understand your mistakes - by doing the problem over multiple times - that becomes pattern recognition for you.

and WRITE OUT THE SOLUTION. DO NOT READ and think you understood.

thx dude~~~ A good method.

3 more weeks to go, I will do mock in the morning, EOC in the afternoon. I hope can do those paper 2- 3 times before the exam. Is it enough?

i keep making small mistakes on the IPS questions too. i’m going to do all the AM questions over until im hitting the guideline each time