IPS questions - for those who passed this year

did you guys answer these questions with the short answers suggested by Schweser or you actually wrote down more than that? Thanks!

Be concise. You don’t get any additional marks for writing long verbose paragraphs. Look at the model answers on the CFAI webpage for an idea of how much you need to write, although admittedly, in an exam situation, you will tend to write more as you attempt to explain your reasoning under pressure. The key, as easy and as simple as this sounds, is to stick to the allocated time for each question. The danger, however, as a lot of people found on my exam this year, is that the case studies are quite long pieces to read.

Last year I had the same question and I was a little clearer after doing some of the past exam paper. So you may want to have a look at that.

I follow Schweser guideline answer and passed. I think they are a bit too brief at first. I answer in that format but i explain just a bit more as time allows. MAKE SURE THAT EVERY SENTENCE/ WORD HAVE A POINT THAT LINK TO CFAI MATERIAL…

  1. Use bullet point. 2. Be concise and to the point. 3. Don’t write more than asked. 4. Don’t be afraid to copy-and-paste. 5. Use buzz words.

just be precise and to the point do not write more than what is required, show your work wherever possible (FIGURES speak LOUDER THAN WORDS)

Don’t do calculations for the risk/return unless they EXPLICITLY ask for them - when they want you to calculate they’ll ask you to.

I used bullet points and CFA preferred phrases.

I used bullet points and I don’t know what CFA preferred phrases are. But dude, just be concise, the grader will probably thank you for not having to read all the BS you are trying to make up, so he/she will give you full credit and then go to lunch