IPS Questions

How often must you review client’s objectives and contraints in IPS? Annually?

I think annually too but look in the appendix A-2 answer to question 4 gives you other reasons to review…

Annually is the ‘worst case’ scenario (as in review at least annualy). You can choose to do it sooner. You shoudl also review the IPS whenever a life altering event occurs (likely the A-2 question four covers those off - haven’t looked myself)

Are you guys talking about the official curriculum (volume 2), or schweser or any other guide? Because I am looking at volume 2 of the curriculum and can not find what you mention anywhere. Why this question and where do you get that “at least annually + in certain events”)? Thanks

you can find the “certain events” in the back of book 2 of curriculum - appendix page A-2 which coincidentaly is the answer to question 4 from reading 15…

ok, that is what I thought Just to check that I was not missing some part of the curriculum where they clearly point when to review IPS literally thx again