IPS reflection

I don’t know about you guys, but I felt very poor after studying this IPS stuff. The typical client on CFAI or Schweser has $500k to above a million dollar portfolio. Some folks got it as a gift or inheritance. Some folks don’t even work. Then, they are talking about living off the portfolio and not eroding to the principle… Or alternatively, you have the clients who are parents, willing to pay stipends for the kids, or gift house downpayment for their kids, or leave a huge bequeest for them. Is that the real picture of America? I found this remarkable, as I came from a culture where the children support the parents because the kids usually command a better life than their parents. Also, I feel very poor as I am not debt free, do not have million dollars portfolio, do not have huge gift… only hours and hours to study CFA!! :frowning:

But you have a truck load of human capital HK…thats all that matters.

word yo its all about the human capital, you can always whore yourself