Hi Guys, I have a question regarding the IPS. When do you include residence on the investable assets? Thanks

If it is primary home, you try to exclude it, unless client insists.

Home goes into risk tolerance or unique circumstances if anywhere. Never seen a time that CFAI or schweser include it in investable assets , as expected returns are hard to estimate

I rarely calculated out correct answers to the quantitative return objectives required in an IPS for individual investors when I practiced. I found either the statements in the vignette are vague (some items are difficult to decide if they shall be included in the calculation or how to incorporate them in the calculation) or just because I lost some statements/figures in the vignette. I really worry about this portion (especially under time pressure on the exam ), do you have same problem ? I even think maybe it’s better to skip this portion because it is very possible that my answer is wrong while much time has been spent in the calculation on the exam. Some tips ?