Iran deal 2.0

I actually watched Trump talk about this and he had none of the tough guy we’ll bomb their ass approach and for once seemed pretty humble. Iran is also having a really hard time right now with the Rial-Dollar currency ration going through the roof, also the supreme leader is more concerned about preserving the Islamic Republic than about sticking to his ideology but I don’t know if how the US pulled out of the deal recently would have any impact on their approach or not.

On the plus side, I think just to show the world how TRUMP diplomacy is so better than Obama and to have a badge on his chest for 2020 he’s probably gonna give more incentives to Iran than Obama and can get the approval of Congress. What do you guys think ?

I think he’s opposite. He wants to F* Iran because all those right wing guys think Iran is the axis of evil. Furthermore, he will drive market share to Saudi Arabia, who buys lots of weapons from the US. Finally, he can make an excuse to have tariffs on other countries who deal with Iran.

What do you think the Iran deal will look like? What do you think Trump will get Iran to do and what will Iran give up? Iran may be willing to give up current development of nuclear weapons in exchange for sanction relief, but that’s literally the Obama deal…

I dunno, right wing guys hate Russia too.