Irrational obscure trivial item sets

There were a few questions that if you didnt read the CFAI glossory, the introduction, and table of content… you would have never gotten the question right. I read the CFAI texts a handful of times and i still could not manage to spot these issues…No matter how much u attack the CFAI books, you will never, ever, have a full grasp on the material.

I’m looking for a certain term in the CFAI books now and can’t even find it!

I went through EOCs numerous times, read, re read chapters, and some of those questions seemed to be from a different test. I think this is done purposely to ensure no one gets a 100%. When i took L2 last year i ran out of time on both the am and pm, this year i finished early on both. I was a detective looking for traps so hopefully i didnt miss any given how fast i got through both sections. I personally felt the corp fin sect was the hardest of all. There were a few derv questions that i left until the end and had to make an educated guess. Ethics, for the amount of time i put into it, still is a toss up.

I definitely remember seeing one name I had never seen before (or had probably seen, but not paid attention to), but it was pretty easy to deduce which formula you needed to use given the other info in the item set.

Last question really sums up the afternoon session.

There was an entire item set devoted to a topic that received minimal attention in the curriculum. And within that obscure item set, you had to guess at the required inputs. That particular item set was very discouraging. Meanwhile, some of the curriclum that was hammered on in did not appear on the test at all. Go figure.

I have no problem with “melt down” item sets like that with the exception that everyone writing the exam probably didn’t know the answers and then at that point its a matter of who guesses better than the next person. I’d rather see them ask more straight forward questions testing major topics and increase the MPS then have item sets that are obsure and make it a guessing game for who passes and who doesn’t

No switches after a few months…

They asked just about all the things I didn’t want them to ask and barely anything I had actually prepared for.