Is 2.5 months enough to prerpare for FRM part 2?


A little bit of background:

I am a full time finance major masters degree student. I have been able to pass FRM part 1 and CFA level 1 whilst studying for my master’s degree this year. I have also been able to obtain the second highest exam grades on my university assessments which accounts for 2/3 of the overall degree.

I signed up for the November 2013 FRM part 2 exam, however since I am so close to obtaining the highest grade in my whole course at uni, I decided to concentrate on writing my thesis and start studying for FRM part 2 upon the completion of my degree on 4th of September. After the 4th, I will be job hunting and will be able to put about 5 hours a day into studying part 2. Can people who have successfully passed the exam comment as to whether this is doable?

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It’s definitely doable: but be prepared to drink Red Bull everyday

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Thanks Peterpan.

May I ask you how long did it take you to prepare and what sources did you use? I am planning to use schweser for studying, but answer BT questions. What do u reckon?

I think its certainly doable with planned & concentric approach. All the very best.

I will be taking part 2 in Nov 13. Is Shweser sufficient ? I read lot of comments that it is not so good. I did not have a very good experience although I could manage to pass PArt 1 only by studying Scwheser. Please suggest!

I used both BT and schweser and even read the first actual book of the FRM for level 1. I think what I found was that the best strategy is to read the schweser material but for practice stick to BT questions which better represent the difficulty of the actual exam.

Best of Luck

One more Q:

When I read AIMs, I found there are few topics where the institute has clearly mentioned “calculate”. Does that mean we can expect problems based on those AIMs mainly? Because when I look at the institute material, there are so many formulas which are impossible to remember. Also, usually how many problems one could expect out of 80?

If we get some clarity on which formulae to focus on, studying from Schweser and complementing it with institute material doesn’t look all that impossible.



One can easily clear FRM - II in 2 months time given one prepares with right guidance and discipline

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