Is 3 months enough for CFA Level 1? (25- 30 hours a week)

Hello all, I was just curious to know if studying 3 months is enough for the Level 1 exam. I will not be working, so I will have about 12 weeks, starting in Septemeber to prepare for Level 1. I am planning on using the Scheweser Notes to study, and then doing the Scheweser Qbank, Elan Practice Questions, and doing as many Mocks and practice exams as possible. I just graduated with a Economics Degree with a minor in finance, so I have seen majority of this material before. I think I will easily be able to put in 25-30 hours of studying a week. Is this going to be enough?

Definitely should be enough studying full-time

Why are you taking 3 months full-time for the Level 1? What benefit does it provide that is worth extending unemployment for 3 months?

@dsp you are assuming that jobs are immediately available to be had?

Yes - any graduate can most probably get _a_ job, even if it’s not the best possible/suitable one. The relevant question is whether or not your future value for an employer is higher by starting any job that at least makes sense + doing the cfa on the side or by extending your learning period for yet another quarter and not gaining work experience. Just doing the CFA Level 1 changes nothing. Come December, the op will have the same problems finding a job he has now (if he has them).

Start earlier. If hopefully you get a job you won’t be struggling to finish like I was in november last year