is 65% a pass?

i saw in the schweser exam books that 65% is a probable pass, while 70% is almost certainly a pass. is this a safe assumption?

Don’t know. Personally, I assume I need a 75% to pass.

I wouldn’t call shooting for 65% safe.

god, not this crap again.

haha… i would shoot for higher man… i would say if you can get a 65% in the morning you should pass… obviously that is assuming you don’t go Boston Bruins on the afternoon session…

yes. Total 65% would be pass

actually, by my math 65.1578 is a pass. anything below and your out of luck.

I think 65 should have been a sure pass just a couple of years ago, but not anymore. In addition, we cannot predict if CFAI may even move it higher. So just shoot for higher.

likely but not guaranteed. 67 is a guarantee, no question. a 60 in the morning and 75 in the afternoon will guarantee a pass!