is 70% still enough?

quick question for you - have the CFAI made any comment about what pass rates need to be in the new 3 choices - not 4 world? Should we be aiming for 75 or 80%? Or has there been silence and can we therefore assume nothing has changed there?

AFAIK, CFAI has never made any official comment about the passing grade.

no but it has said things like it has never failed anyone with more than 70% on the exam. I just wondered if this year might be the first as you are going to get more right by luck.

CFAI said it never failed anyone with >70%??

I think the 70% is just an unofficial passing grade that circulates among candidates and education practitioner. The fact is, no one except CFAI can verify this claim, nor can anyone outside of CFAI could make such guarantee. /Thread. Two more weeks to go, so focus.