Is Amanda Lang in love with Kevin

For those who don’t know, Kevin O’Leary is officially divorce so he will be out there competing with you guys…

i’m a daily watcher of the Lang and O’leary exchange, and is it me or does Amanda Lang seem like she has a terrible crush on Kevin? I swear, i see the look in her eyes…am I going crazy?

Same goes for Arlene Dickenson from Dragons Den. btw, that show is awesome.

Arlene is definitely into Kevin. Kevin probabably already banged Amanda. Frank, you should try to emulate kevin’s personality. Chicks love assholes like that that say what’s on their mind and make no excuses for it. he is so wrong at times, yet does not back down. You can see how that drives amanda nuts (in a good way).

would you do Arlene? i noticed in so many episodes how arlene always tries to flirt with Kevin, its halirious cause it seems like she is super horny and desperate for men. I wonder if Amanda’s husband knows about this. I already wrote in asking them about this but surprisingly, no reply. I have to say, he is a great investor at least in terms of his philosophy and the way he talks about talks.

You just made my day.


hahahaha why do I get the feeling that was not your first email to them asking stuff about Amanda, they’ve probably blacklisted your name

I disguise myself by using different fonts…