Is anyone actually working today ?

I have been browsing this forum since 8:30 am straight, and everytime I refresh there is a new response to read. I am hooked onto AF. Need to go back to real life…will need help from AF-A

I haven’t been tied into work 100% mentally for several months now… no reason to start now. Ease back into reality.

i have 100+ emails sitting in my inbox that I have to go through, and its not happening lol

i know several people who are still recovering from saturday night. quite funny, actually

I am still stinging a bit from saturday night…a lil toasty today

I’m starting to recover, and will leave this forum alone soon :slight_smile:

I *should* be working ,but just can’t.

I really need to work too, sigh, I think I am going to leave this forum for good.