Is anyone ashamed to post its failed score?

I am.

Count me in too bud. I’m not giving up though. I knew I didn’t prepare well for June 08, but the second time around, I’m going in with a determination to own this sucka.

I didnt turn up for the exam…

I wish I didnt also, I was actually contemplating this because of weak prep.

I am having a hard enough time responding to this post. I guess I have to look at the silver lining and say that I will be better prepared for it June 09.

Come on, the fact you have a fail means at least that you showed up on exam and completed both sections. Many candidates did not. And in any case if you spent some time preparing honestly, you’ve got some knowledge, which is also not that bad.

But the bad part is that I can’t actually use the knowledge I’ve got. This disappoints me doubly.

JCA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > But the bad part is that I can’t actually use the > knowledge I’ve got. This disappoints me doubly. Well, for example being a student I was working as journalist for about 5 years. Now I am into finance and I am not even close to my previous job. However I’ve got some skills I use through my life and in my opinion you can have something valuable from every experience you have. I think CFA studies add something to your commitment, endurance, analytical mindset and many other things. You can use it all every day :slight_smile:

Does CFA add more than takes? We’ll know it at the end only. Thats the bad part again.

no i rocked level 1 awww yeahhhh

^ LOL, here that’s like saying “i’ve slept with tara reid”

JCA, you failed!@!?? hmmm, sorry to hear it. look forward to passing it next year with you.

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Responding to this via bb so I don’t have access to my scores right now. Not ashamed of my results. <50 on FSA, Ethics and PM >70 on Equity, FI and Econ The rest 50-70. I was band 8. The only thing that shocked me was FSA. I did pretty well on that on the practice exams and felt I knew most of the material but couldn’t deliver it on test day. In hindsight, 4 mos was not enough time for me for Level 2. I tried to go back-to-back after passing L1 on the first try in Dec07. I did put in over 300hrs for L2. However, I did not feel that I gave Derivatives or PM the time required. I was burnt out bigtime by late April/early May. If I switch Ethics and FSA to >70 , I’m confident I will pass. In fact, that was exactly my plan: ethics, fsa, equity, fi > 70 with 50-70 (high end) on derivs, should pass with that (as long as you don’t completely bomb the rest) I wasn’t on AF until after I took L2 and did not particapate in any study groups. This time around I will do both.

Hey guys, No worries. My first rip at L2 I was <50 on all categories except fixed income. The next year I was 5 categories >70 including the two largest, FSA and Equities. Work hard and you’ll get it next year.

Wow what a turnaround for you, congrats!

I should have added I got plastered at L3 this year and am looking for that same type turnaround next year. :slight_smile:

Good luck to you!!! BTW, you’re supposed to get plastered *after* the exam :wink: