Is anyone else feeling the Stress?

I’m stressing out now. I’ve basically done all the questions from the Schweser books and CFA books. I’ve done one exam from Schweser and didn’t do great - 55% I revised Ethics & Quant. I took a CFA sample exam and got 63%. Tomm I’m going to revise Eco and FSA. I’m doing well in Equity, Debt and Derivatives because those are still pretty fresh in my head. I’m planning on doing the Schweser exam 2 on Friday, and both the CFA mock exams on Sat & Sun (1 each day). After that I’ll have 2 weeks to do some more revision and more questions. I think it should be fine… but I’m feeling like I don’t know anything anymore!!! Like i’m forgetting everything!!! Is anyone else feeling the same way?

::raises hand::

Me tooo, so very tired

Same here…just want to get it done and pass this exam

I gotta pick it up, something resembling stress hit two nights ago. Thankfully I broke my cell yesterday and my GF is out of town for the weekend so this is the do or die weekend as either way I’ll be cut off from the world. I should get someone to take my TV/computer too.

I’m strangely pumped for this weekend. I’m thinking about 30 hours studying. In 48 hours it’s do or die time. I can’t feel stressed if I feel prepared.

I’m in. 30hrs, but I’m starting the clock Friday after work. FSA review Friday, Quant tonight, hammer out questions Saturday. Weep Sunday AM than back at it.

I’m in for 30 this weekend too. But I am including monday in this calcluation :wink:

I’m totally in for weeping Sunday. In addition, sever panic attacks Monday would be nice too. I mean, it will be the end of our second to last weekend until the exam…woah. Maybe I’ll keep a copy of my notes in the bathroom…I swear, I’m having stomach problems boss…

Can’t breath… need a break!

I’m finally done and 3 shweser exams and my marks haven’t been consistent. First exam I scored 68 on both and 2nd and 3rd exams I scored low 60’s. I haven’t reviewed in a while though "three weeks " now, just been focusing on writing exams and they are very draining. My plan for the next 16 days is to go over the entire thing, schweser and CFA books and just few days b4 the exam, do a couple of CFA sample exams and I’m done. I was also thinking of doing all 3 schweser exams again towards the end, do you think that would be a total waste of time?

This weekend is going to be a long one, that’s for sure. Friday night till Monday night…what a way to spend memorial day weekend. I am really looking forward to summer.

I haven’t been able to study at all for the past 4 days. Totally swamped at work and have worked until midnight or later every night this week. Not looking at any material for several days makes it dissapear fast! Plus a decent probability of getting laid off doesn’t help the stress level. This is a 4-day weekend for me so it better be a productive one. I’m hoping to do 2 3-hour practice exams.

am having wicked bizarre dreams and also just got back east after being on the west coast for a few days, am still completely cranked from time change…kids are mad cause they never see me and don’t understand that the next 15 days decides if they don’t see me for an extra go round on level 2 or not…wife carrying the ball on EVERYTHING and not happy but can see the end ( and has divorce lawyer all lined up if i don’t pass) so stressed? down to the bone! overdoing won’t help though, steady study on a heavier than Feb-March schedule, lots of questions and review and will be pounding with a smile on my face come June 7th at 5:01 EDT.

Always look at the bright side of life… if she’ll divorce you there’s no distraction whatsoever next year :wink:

30 hours??? Jigga, PLEASE! I WILL break my previous record of 27 hours that I set this past weekend by mid-day Sunday. Let’s DO THIS!

I have panic attacks when I lie down in bed at night… I keep thinking I’m mixing up formula’s and i forgot this or forgot that… They should have Level II in Dec as well… that way if you fail then you don’t waste a whole year… But I’m going to be putting in avg 12 hrs per day till the exam… I hope it’s enough… I CAN’T FAIL… I know the stuff… it’s just remembering everything now… Is anyone from Toronto writing Level 2? I want to find someone who I can study with for a day or so to find out where I stand.

Multiple cans of Monster/Red Bull + Multiple runs to the toilet = mucho studying time for the 3 day weekend!! Yeah! It’s supposed to be the best Memorial Day weekend weather in NYC but who the hell am I kidding - I’m normally inside playing Team Fortress 2 or something like that anyhow… There will be more nice days - may there be no more level II!!!

27 hours minimum this three day weekend. It’s a job.

I got an early start on the long weekend, taking today and tomorrow off. goal is 60 hours by Monday night. rocky soundtrack on repeat. i’m ready to go.